Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Is Online Education A Better Option Than Classroom Learning?

Today, technology has joined hands with education. The concept of conventional learning in classrooms for long hours is gradually losing its importance with the initiation of technologies that has made students and career professionals pursue higher studies right from their very own homes. However, distance learning is not something that emerged lately. In fact, it has been three to four decades when online education spread to different corners of the world. Today, the majority of schools and colleges offer distance courses on almost every subject to people from all walks of life.
Debates have always come up between online and full-time courses. Several academicians have opined that online courses cannot be so effective in providing quality education to students. Full-time or traditional courses on the other hand have been considered ideal for making students and working professionals gain knowledge to the fullest. Well, it's not true.
The primary base for online education is the internet which is the biggest source of gaining knowledge. Students pursuing an online course gets the opportunity to browse numerous websites and gather information on diverse subjects. Moreover, degrees earned through distance learning are always accredited. Working professionals today prefer to opt for distance learning courses in order to balance work and career. This has popularized the distance MBA programs among the working professionals who can now work for almost the entire day and thereafter take his course lessons from home.
Moreover, distance learning courses are always cheaper than the full-time ones. There are no costs for travelling and neither a single penny for tuition. The amount you are required to pay is only for the course which you need to pursue online. In fact, you can download the study materials then and there instead of spending loads of cash for buying books.
Today, the majority of institutions and universities offering MBA courses use several technological strategies to make students grasp their lessons with ease and perfection. Teachers make use of social media sites, virtual classes, chat discussion forums and audio-video presentations for conducting classes. These are the most effective teaching procedures in comparison to those used by teachers in traditional schools and colleges.
Social networking has brought stunning impacts on the career professionals in today's world. Students now prefer to create profiles in social networking sites and study by interacting with teachers and others. As days are passing, the importance of social networking is rising. In fact, this might emerge to be the most successful tool for fulfilling career goals of students as well as working professionals in the near future.


  1. According to me, online education is a better option than classroom learning as it takes comparatively less time to complete the course and also very less expensive. It also helps you to get huge knowledge by browsing various websites.

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